Insurance Auto Repair Process Easy!

We’re human… accidents happen all the time.  Car accidents are unexpected, and so is having to deal with them after the fact.  It’s hard enough as it is trying to figure out how to get a spare car figured out.  Take the stress out of dealing with car repairs and call Butler’s Collision today!  They [...]

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Get Ready For Lease Turn-In

Your vehicle's lease turn-in can turn out to be quite a hassle.  More and more drivers are choosing to lease their vehicles instead of buying them. The rush and excitement of getting a new car every 2-3 years and the hassle-less maintenance are what keep leasing cars the popular option. For people who lease [...]

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What To Know About Collision Repair

Butler's Collision: The Collision Repair Experts in Roseville and the surrounding Macomb County areas The most frustrating issue with auto collisions is they normally happen when you least expect them.  From police reports to drawn-out insurance claims, accidents happen, and the most important thing is your safety.  As big of a headache as car restoration [...]

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FCA Certified Repair Centers

The FCA Certified Repair Centers came about as FCA recognized the value of assisting their Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep ®, Ram, and Fiat customers at any point in the ownership process, including the unfortunate incidence of an accident in 2011. With vehicles that feature ever-increasing levels of technology and complexity, it was necessary to give customers [...]

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