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In Michigan, many drivers do not own their vehicles and they take advantage of leasing, which allows them to drive a new vehicle without committing to a purchase. This option is a great one with less hassle of maintenance, but when it comes time to turn in your vehicle, it must be in great shape. The experts at Butler’s Collision know everything there needs to know about your lease turn-in Roseville.

Otherwise, extra charges and fees make leasing more expensive. At Butler’s Collision, we know how to find those door dings and everyday scratches that come with normal vehicle use. Most damage that will require more than an estimated quantity of cash to repair is referred to as excess wear and tear. We can clean, buff, wax, and repair all imperfections in no time with the best auto detailing services around, giving you that brand new vehicle to turn back in.

Often, companies will encourage returning lessees to select the newer model of their current car or another car from their brand. Besides economic incentives like loyalty rebates, those in charge of your lease contract will waive the last few lease payments. Before the lease comes to an end, customers can have the last few months of their current lease contract waived to get into their newly leased vehicle.

Additionally, leases come allocated with an assigned number of miles per year. To prevent any extra mileage charges, a two-year lease with an allowance of 10,000/year mileage must be returned having accumulated 20,000 miles or less. Excess mileage can result in a stiff penalty upon your lease turn-in and potential fees thereafter. Excess mileage fees can range anywhere from $0.15 to $0.30 per mile considering what kind of car you’ve leased.

Smarter, Easier Lease Turn-In Warren and Roseville

Pricing for lease turn-in estimate is based on vehicle size and damage. So, bring your vehicle in about two months before your lease turn-in so we can provide our expert financial services and estimate your cost of repair. Not only will you have saved money on extra charges and fees at the dealership, but you will also find the investment will come back to you at a turn-in time when your vehicle is pristine and ready for inspection.

Generally, inspectors assess the area of dents and scratches and enter this documentation and additional issues into an automated model that measures repair costs. At the end of the inspection, we will provide an inspection report listing any damage above typical wear and tear and what it costs to repair it.

At the end of the day, thinking ahead and considering what the inspectors are going to look at could minimize turn-in costs. Ultimately, you can be prepared to handle them just as the time arrives. Butler’s Collision has the experts ready for estimates for lease turn in Warren, Roseville, and the surrounding areas in Macomb County.

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