Whether you saved miles in the past year or not, many of us opt to lease our cars every few years for a variety of different reasons.  For those that have a car lease, dealerships inspect every inch of the car to check for any substantial damage.  While this is protocol for dealerships to perform, many times they will find more damage than you think, and you end up paying the price for it!

If you’re ready to do a Spring lease turn-in, call Butler’s Collision today and we’ll end up saving you money at the dealership.  Now, let’s put it into perspective.  Dealerships are going to charge you top-dollar for the same exact repair work you could get right here at Butler’s for a fraction of the price.  Not only do we have decades of experience working with leased cars, we know to check every dent and scratch there is on the car.

Butler’s Collision is one of the most trusted local paint and body shops around, and we’re here to help you turn your car in looking brand-new!  Let’s walk you through some of the things to expect as your lease comes closer to the end.

Bottom Line: Avoid Extra Costs

Fixing car damages before turning in a lease is going to put you ahead of all the charges the dealerships will rack up (and most likely to your surprise).  Take the time several weeks before your lease is up, bring it in to Butler’s, and avoid those extra charges and fees from the insurance company and dealership.  We can clean, buff, wax, and repair all sorts of imperfections quickly and for a very affordable price in comparison.  With one of the best auto restoration services in Southeast Michigan, trust Butler’s to avoid all those fees and charges upon lease turn-in.

Choosing the most convenient or the less-expensive option will not always have equate to a better outcome.  If you choose to get your car repair before your lease is up, you can rely on Butler’s to turn your car back in to what it looked like off the lot.  Butler’s has all the expertise you need with our paint and body shop Warren, Roseville, and the nearby areas of Macomb County.

Pricing Varies Depending on Damage

The overall pricing for any kind of collision damage is going to depend on the damage itself.  Have you had a dented fender for the last several months?  Maybe you just have some minor scuffs and scratches that need a quick buff.  Whether the damage is extensive or not, bring your car in around two months before your lease ends.  At this time, we can provide our expert financial services and estimate your cost of repair.  Not only will you have saved money on extra charges and fees at the dealership, but you will also find the investment will come back to you at a turn-in time when your car is pristine and ready for inspection.

Ultimately, you can be prepared to handle dealer inspectors just as the turn-in arrives.  Butler’s Collision has the experts ready for estimates for lease turn in Warren, Roseville, and the surrounding areas in Macomb County.

Butlers Collision: Contact Us for Your Free Car Damage Estimate!

Since 1979, Butler’s Collision has been servicing top-notch collision repair Warren, Roseville, Clinton Township, and Sterling Heights for thousands of residents from full auto body repair work to fixing those pesky dings in the door.

Butler’s has your trusted experts for lease turn-in and collision repair Clinton Township and the nearby areas of Macomb County.  We can fix any car back to its original factory-built standards and specifications.  Our repair technicians can handle insurance repairsauto body repairsauto glass repair or windshield replacementslease turn-in repairsauto detailingcar restoration, and more.

If you’ve recently been in an accident, or need one of the best collision repair shops to fix up your lease before you turn it in, give Butler’s Collision a call today at (586) 775-5750 or reach out to us on our contact form.