Butlers Collision NABC FREE EventButler’s Collision, the leader in auto repair, along with Audi and the NABC, hosted a training demonstration for the First Responders of the City of Fraser and Roseville on Thursday, August 25th. Coming out for the event was WDIV’s Guy Gordon, along with the rest of the Channel 4 team from the newsroom.

First responders are heroes at the front lines of an accident. Knowing how to minimize trauma and save lives is their job.  The demonstration featured some facts about the power of the cutters compared to the strength of the steel used on modern vehicles, as well as Guy making the “first cut” into the Audi A-3 Etron. Two of these models were donated by Audi specifically for this important training event. As vehicles become safer, getting into them becomes more difficult in the chaos of an auto accident. The Audi A-3 Etron is a great example of the advancement made on this front, with the strength and durability that comes with safety in mind – making it a perfect choice for the first responders to practice on.

Butler’s Collision – The Leader In Auto Repair Roseville, MI

Butler’s Collision would like to give a very special thanks to Audi for providing the cars, and to Peter Fiset from Holmatro Equipment for providing the free training. You can catch a clip of the broadcast on WDIV’s website.

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